In recent year, a number of Chinese factories are eager to replace workers with industrial robots, due to increasing labor costs and a new automation-driven industrial revolution.

The 2016 World Robot Conference was held at Beijing from Oct.20 to 25, with150 world-famous robot companies took part. This conference was divided into three parts: Main Forum & Theme Forums, 2016 World Robot Exhibition (WRE 2016) and 2016 World Robot Competition. There were twenty two theme forums, which covered robot education, human-computer interaction, shipbuilding intelligent manufacturing robot, intelligent robots development, key technologies and clinical application of medical robotics, intelligent robot industry and capital market, Bots – artificial intelligence development, and so on. The exhibition focuses on robotics-enabled tasks ranging from industrial automation to service delivery. Famous domestic and international robotics companies, universities and scientific research institutions display their latest achievements, products and solutions in robot field. The purpose of this conference is to provide an international industry exchange platform for China robotic sector. China is making great effort on promoting strategy of innovation-driven development, improving international influence of the Chinese robot industry, and realizing leap-over development of robotic technology and industry. The productivity of Chinese robot industry is very low. Every 10000 Chinese manufacture workers produce 36 robots, compared with 292 robots every10000 workers in Germany, 314 robots in Japan, and 487 robots in South Korea.  The robot conference represents the beginning of a new era not only in the innovation from robotic industry but also in China’s relationship with international business and the developed world.


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